Update on Studio Pieces

I started another painting (although I lost the beginning photos). This one is about the hope for a fresh start after IB. The layers and colours are more more variable than Stressed Out, showing how although right now seems bad, it will only be a moment in my life, while the future has many possibilities and many experiences.


With Soul, I’m going to start using ink with a nib to get the details. IMG_2225

These are the two finished abstract expressionist pieces side by side. I think that I’ll definitely have to display them beside each other. Any ideas for how I should position them? Do they look better horizontal or vertical?

And that’s all. I’m going to start working on the clay bust and try to finish the ink piece this week.


Update on studio pieces

I have two studio pieces on the go right now, one at home, and one at school.

The one at home is my piece in ink. This is what I have so far:

It’s a bit difficult to see, but I messed up in the second photo. I wanted the blue orb (AKA, the soul), to be spotless and clean, but I accidentally got some black india ink on it! Oh well, it’s done now. I should have covered it up before I painted the black strokes. I’ll do that when I start paint the strokes around the face.

The key to this is having patience. If you don’t have patience, you’re going to mess up guaranteed. It’s calming, though, which is the point.

Question: although using ink is classified as a drawing medium, would I be able to say that for this? I want this to be classified as a drawing, but I don’t feel like it really is.

Next up is the one I’m doing in school:

I’m making this by mixing up media in a glue bottle (gloss medium, glue, paint and water), and then spraying it onto the canvas like that. It’s very easy and very quick, and gives just the kind of effect I was looking for.

The point of this is making a painting about everything that is stressing me out right now, trying to illustrate how I feel jumbled and overloaded, bursting at the seams with stuff to do. Any title suggestions?

I’m also planning on doing a clay bust, but I only practiced a bit. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks! But that’s what I said with digital art and I ended up loving that, so hopefully it will get better.

This is something I made while practicing. IMG_2134

Not the most attractive thing ever, but I think it would be easier to form the face with a bigger working area (this was about the size of my hand) and harder clay. The stuff I was working with was quite soft.

Anyway, that’s all!

Update! Flowers, Acrylics, and Ink

Finished Beauty is Abstract!

I’ve finished Beauty is Abstract completely by adding flowers. Glad to be done! Now that I’ve got that off my shoulders I can start on some new projects!IMG_2049









Also, I’ve finished my digital art piece.

I started working with ink in my sketch book. I plan to do a piece in ink over the winter break, because I own india ink and a calligraphy set. I’m not sure what the piece will be exactly, but I’ll begin studying artists and art movements this week so I’ll be able to start working over the break. Here’s what I did over the weekend.





Finally, after months of work on Beauty is Abstract and weeks of fooling around with my self portrait I’m finally done.

Okay, not actually done. I still need to add the flowers and put my self portrait on a canvas, but all of that won’t take too long. Before now it seemed like the finish line was all the way over the horizon and now that I’m here it seems weird that I can see it right ahead of me.

Next I need to start thinking about what I’m going to do with ink as my next project, but I didn’t think that would be for a while.

Only three more projects to do after I finish these!


An albeit slightly blurry photograph of what Beauty is Abstract looks like now. I cleaned up the edges around the body and added the leg hair. I think I’m going to leave the hairline as it is. Wouldn’t want to mess anything up. If you look in the bottom right corner (near the lips) you can see my signature too. I might paint over it and redo it though

Self Portrait last

The digital art piece of my unnamed painting. Any name suggestions?

What I’ve done so far

An introduction to my work

As of now, I’ve “finished” three projects and am about halfway through another. I use quotation marks because there’s still a lot to do with the projects I’ve set aside and labelled as “done”. But that’s life, right?

I think what I’ve been most proud of from these projects is that all of them are new to me. I’d never done large scale, abstract mixed media, had never painted a still life, had never used oil paints, and had never used henna (at least to this extent) before now. I’ve been trying different things, things that scare me, things I have no experience in, things I’ve always dreamed of being able to do some-time-in-the-future rather than some-time-in-the-now.

I want to continue this by exploring graphic arts (which I have close to no experience in), photography (which I have minimal experience but not a lot of practice in), and perhaps a comic strip, or something else with ink. I’d also like to do something 3D, probably with ceramics.

Here, however, is what I’ve done so far.


This was my first ever still life painting. I really loved the detail and the satisfaction when things turned out well. The final product wasn’t half bad!




I worked with oil paints for the first time and loved it! You have so much freedom to blend, and it’s just more vibrant than acrylic. I’d love to use it again if I have time.




This was one of my favorite parts of the painting. It took me a while to capture the look of the the light spilling out.





I started my biggest piece (still in the making) by laying down tisue paper and modeling clay.




This was my first ever henna tattoo with my own paste. The paste was a failure ( didn’t sift the powder so it turned out super fibrous) so the design had to be really thick. At the time, I was really proud of it, but I’ve grown a lot since and am a LOT better.




I made a colour scheme online with a certain website that I have to find again so I can source it (I hope I already did, but I’ll have to check). This is for “Beauty is Abstract”, my largest piece.




Another early henna design, this time with a more refined paste.




This is what “Beauty is Abstract” looks like at the moment. I need to study painting skin tones with acrylics before I go into it.




Finally, this was another early henna design on my brother. This was with the thick paste. It kept clogging and bursting out when I pressed harder. What a rough start compared to what I do now! I practiced so much to get better at henna, and I think that’s what I’ve seen the most improvement on. I’ve gone from childlike designs to designs I can sell.


There it is, folks

Those are a few snap shots of the work I’ve been doing in and out of class, but I’ll post more pictures, as well as sketchbook photos, later on.