I made it!

About a month ago I had IB exams. Everything went smoothly (if you consider staying alive smooth). I can’t wait for July 6th so I can see my final grade. Now that I’ve finished the rest of my classes, I┬ánoticed some new followers on this blog. For this reason I’ve decided to make a closing statement.

Thank you to Ms. Fernie, my classmates, and everyone else who helped me along this journey. IB art helped me hone my skills, express myself creatively, and discover new mediums I can practice in the future. Today I still do┬áhenna and digital art. I’m not sure that would be the case if I hadn’t gone into this program.

It was hard work; that’s for sure. But I don’t think I’d be the same person I am today without that extra push from IB. For anyone who is considering entering this program, I encourage you to give it a shot and try to make something beautiful out of it.

You’ll learn so much. And although you may forget the nitty gritty of cellular respiration, all of those books you read in English, or how to conjugate that verb in French, you’ll never forget what you learned about yourself.

Thank you to all my followers (classmates and otherwise), and goodbye!


Islamophobia in recent news

  A few weeks ago I made a drawing in my sketch book, and in an effort to make it relevant, I connected it to an editorial by Omar Mouallem about Islamophobia. 
In recent news, this issue has come into the media spotlight. Hours after Paris: death threats to Muslim organizations. In Peterborough, Canada, a mosque is sent up in flames. Women wearing head coverings are attacked on the streets. All of this happening in a matter of days after the attacks. 

There’s a double irony here. Number one, more Muslims have been killed and injured from ISIS than any other creed. Second, ISIS’s strategy for increasing their numbers is by inspiring Islamophobia in western countries. So when people make these attacks they are falling into ISIS’s trap. How else is the organization going to recruit young people without them first feeling alienated?


By Jasons World. m-mediagroup.com

I encourage everyone to think twice before they make a generalization about an entire grouo of people. For any Muslims who are experiencing hate after the Paris attacks, it isn’t fair. It’s a blatant double standard which has infected our society, painting Muslims as terrorists after an attack that is unconnected to the individual, while when people of a different creed are convicted for killing hundreds of people it is seen as an anomaly. 
So please, next time you see Islamophobia happening, wherever it may be, speak up.