Digital Art and Self Confidence


This is my progress so far on working with digital art.

It was so frustrating at first. I didn’t know how to use the brushes and any of the tools on the side bar of Photoshop, but I’ve come a long way since then. While at first it was so difficult that I was regretting choosing it as a medium, now I love it so much that I find it’s difficult to do anything else. The clean up is definitely easier than traditional art.

I’m thinking of doing a self portrait, working off the theme of self-expression. Ms. Fernie suggested I make it a multimedia piece, and I think that’s a good idea. Around the portrait I’ll have an abstract expressionist collage like in Beauty is Abstract. The collage will be about the beauty industry and the stigma our society holds against self love, something that I’ve struggled with for a long time as a young adult, seeing all the women around me constantly diminishing themselves.

I remember seeing a Clean and Clear commercial on Youtube recently about being confident in your own skin. The girls in the commercials always talk about how they were bullied for their acne in school, but this product helped them become confident.

So we’re taught that the only way we can gain confidence is if we look good to others. We must be acceptable looking enough that people won’t be nasty to us, as if it’s our responsibility to look good for someone who will abuse us otherwise. It has never seemed right to me.

But what I’ve found with shaving my hair and not shaving my legs, is that the only way to be truly be confident is by being fearless in showing your true self, despite any messages telling you otherwise, despite the fact that people might not understand why you do it. You think before hand that it will be terrible if anyone sees this thing about yourself that you’ve been trying so hard to hide, but in reality nobody cares.

So anyway, I hope this piece turns out well and I finish it soon, because Beauty is Abstract is still lying around unfinished and the days are ticking by before exams. I haven’t finished a piece since summer, and the time before exams and now is becoming more and more comprehensible.

Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to finish in time.


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