Exhibition Activity

Seeing as I missed the class, I’ll keep this for future reference. Honestly, I’m not sure how my my pieces will look together when they’re all finished, so I’m just hoping nothing will clash.


This was done as an in-class activity, aimed at providing an opportunity for students to practice how best to arrange an exhibit, in preparation for the Exhibition portion of the IB exam in March.

Students were given approximately 45 minutes to create a piece of art from a selection of supplies. Once the works were completed, all of them were placed on a large table in the centre of the room. Students discussed what they were seeing; similarities, differences, media, subject matter, style, size, orientation, texture, etc.

Students were asked how they might start grouping or arranging the works if creating an art exhibit. Do you look for an anchor piece and work outward? Do you compile one large grouping or several smaller ones? What kinds of spaces would be good as exhibit spaces for this work? Etc.

After students made several arrangements as a group, and discussed why they made the…

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2 thoughts on “Exhibition Activity

  1. We will be doing an activity soon that should help you with identifying similarities and differences in your work, as well as helping you connect the work in ways you yourself may not even see. After that activity you should be able to experiment with possible exhibition arrangements according to theme, media, size, subject matter, etc… in ways you hadn’t considered previously. I’m here to help too… 🙂

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